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hyper innovation MEETS radical overhaul
21st Century Government & Economics

Economy 2.0:
Financial Fair Hope

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The freedom and ingenuity spurred by the U.S. economy can easily be seen as the best ever in history-- looking at, say, Apple. At the same time, it can be so much better. Much, MUCH better. We are capable of so much more. Too many people left behind. Too many great ideas unrealized. If only we can embrace radical change. Fast! We need more people at the table, totally different people, helping to make decisions that impact far more lives across the board. Just like the cellphone has gone through major makeovers, time for our economy and financial system 3.0.

Change your life, your views and the world. Read: Financial Fair Hope: Decentralization and Democratization of the Distribution of Money

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Government 2.0:
Quantum Politics and the Political Circle

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Time to start over. Totally. New voting. New political parties. More involvement by people in decision-making. Consider your political viewpoints are so nuanced and all of us are different. We need to be able to better communicate even when vastly different to solve problems with radically better solutions. There is not just 1 center filled with powerful politicians but rather, so-called radical outsider ideas contain the nuggets and gems that can be pulled out and molded into ways to make our government and society much better.

READ this book: Quantum Politics: Beyond the Simple Left-Right Political Spectrum

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